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Two Dots

Size : 140.51 Mb
Version : 7.25.0
Updated : March 23, 2022
Developer : Playdots
Size : 571.85 Mb
Version : 7.25.0
Updated : March 24, 2022
Developer : Playdots


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TwoDots: Level 1-15 (No Power-ups) Complete Walkthrough (Two Dots)
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The Story Behind Two Dots
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【Gamematch3's Review】

How's Your Logic? Are you observant? I want to introduce you to a game that will make you feel peaceful when you play it. The game is called Two Dots and was developed by PlayDots.

This game is a bright color, and the gameplay is an exciting mobile casual puzzle type of game. This also fun and addictive mobile games. To control these two lovely balls and have a fun adventure. All the scenes in the game are very refined and thought-provoking. Because the level is constantly changing the location, the player will also visit different scenery as the level increases. So the game is set up to collect postcards, and the system automatically collects them when it arrives at a new location.Two Dots waits until the postcard collection is complete, and the player takes a trip around the world. Two Dots is a small fresh style of elimination puzzle game. As the continuation of Dots, this game in the game has not changed much, but in the past, based on the added clearance game, and lattice grid is no longer confined to 6 * 6, become more open and prosperous, bring the player a new connection elimination experience. You are crossing the Arctic tundra, crossing the burning jungles, into the depths of the sea, with two brave little bears, on all sorts of adventures. Game painting style or the same fresh contracted tone have similarities, but not before the ancient style.

The operation is also simple. Clicking the screen can stop the rotation of the ball, another ball rotation, through this way to achieve the purpose of moving. But as the game progresses, simple operations can become whole and complicated. Sound effects and music are also beautiful. Sound effects are also relatively cute and somehow feel a little bit of addiction. Two Dots, to me, is an exciting elimination game; I can not spend a penny to get props, very friendly. The painting style is flat and deep in my heart, and the color is not bright, is a hot color, there is no plot, but there are small details everywhere. Click and slide to remove the same color ball, there is no time limit, but there is a limit to the number of eliminations. In addition, you can also use the bomb, flame and other props generated in the game to help you cross the border faster.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. The mechanics are easy to get understood. Basically, connections can be vertical but not diagonal. Players have to complete objectives in limited moves. For example, the system will show that you need to eliminate 15 blue, 15 red, and 15 yellow dots in 20 moves. Then 16 dots will appear on the screen and you have to connect the similar dots which are next to each other. If you match three dots and some other dots will replace them. You can see the process on the screen and the system will give you positive feedback such as “AWESOME”. After finishing the levels, the system will show your scores and then you can connect to Facebook to compete with your friends. When in doubt, just make squares. As you advance to the higher levels, you will have more dots to complete.

2. The picture is very fresh and natural, and simple but generous. There are only colorful dots on the screen. Beige, blue, and other background boards will not interfere too much with your sight of eliminating dots. Sometimes there will be grooves, dots will be distributed around the gray grooves. If this happens, players need to think twice, as only a few dots can be linked at a time. The game screen greatly reduces the decorative elements in the scene, and all the elements are designed to immerse the player in the match-3 game. Forget the troubles around you and get a clear brain and a happy experience. The animations and special effects of the game are also very simple, and the prompt design of the countdown steps is also very restrained.

3. Overall, this game is best designed for people who like simplicity and solitude. After all, the less, the better. If I want to relax my brain without being disturbed by loud music and spend energy on understanding all kinds of game elements, I will choose this game.


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