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Tap Away

Size : 105.91 Mb
Version : 82.0.1
Updated : October 12, 2022
Developer : Popcore
Size : 397.98 Mb
Version : 82.1.2
Updated : October 13, 2022
Developer : Popcore


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First of all, the advantage of this game is that it is a super interesting puzzle game. In the game, players will complete interesting levels one by one and experience the fun of 3D puzzle solving. You can freely choose different perspectives. There are a lot of skins to customize the style of building blocks. The operation of the game is simple and easy to use. It is a must-play for players who like casual puzzle games.

The second point is that the game adopts a full 3D three-dimensional world setting. Each level is equipped with a different number of building blocks. Under the guidance of the game's super simple rule setting, players can let each building block escape from the piled up levels. When all the blocks in the level disappear, you can pass the current level. The game provides a 360-degree full-rotation operation mode, and players can observe the removability of each building block from any angle.

All in all, Tap Away is undoubtedly a casual decompression game for killing time, with almost no barriers to entry, super cool settings that can be eliminated by turning the level and clicking at will, seemingly complex but actually simple to extremely huge building block tower, which makes people obsessed with magic game experience, all let players feel the fun of this game.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Test if you are a left-brain thinker by trying this brain-wrecking puzzle game--Tap Away developed by Popcorn Games.

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Tap Away will challenge your way of imagining and structuring the space dimensions by asking you to swipe blocks in different directions until the cube of blocks is cleared. Solve the puzzle with escalating difficulty at different levels and foster a good sense of direction and space. The 3D graphics excellently assist us in forming a good sense of space. To start the game, you need to look at the direction that the arrow on the block point to and tap the block if you are sure that the block can go freely in that direction. The former 5 levels could be pretty easy for players to solve. Yet, as the progressing of the game, players will find that the cube will be composed of more blocks, especially when reaching level 11, it would start to be ridiculously difficult for players to solve the puzzles because the complex of blocks begins to take all kinds of strange shapes with complicated directions. In this case, players need to be extremely patient and calm to take their time to observe the direction of each block and move from the outer layer of the complex. By watching ads in between, players could be awarded coins and unlock special items. One more thing to note, there are limited steps for players to take during each round, so players should always be conscious of how many steps they have taken so far and manage to clear the complex of blocks before running out of steps. However, even if they are running out of steps, they could still gain extra steps by watching ads. Keep tapping the blocks in the right direction and make them fly away. The easy controls of the game enable players to rotate the shape in various directions just like in 3D dimensions, so you will be able to observe every corner of the shape in detail. The shape will grow bigger and the blocks more for players to cope with as the proceeds of the game. What’s more, players can choose the skins of the blocks so that in the next round they could see a shape formed by blocks in the color they have chosen.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

Tap Away is helpful in improving players’ critical thinking, logic, sense of direction and space, as well as problem-solving skills. The 3D graphics will give you an authentic and indulging gameplay experience. And you can enjoy the game both online and offline. The easy controls only take players one finger to rotate the shape and tap on blocks to clear them. The game mechanics are easy for players to comprehend. You could release your stress by trying this game and the previous several rounds are quite fast-paced. Customizing the skins will allow players to enjoy the game with their favorite colors, ensuring their visual enjoyment.


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