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Puff Up

Size : 124.78 Mb
Version : 2.7.0
Updated : October 18, 2022
Developer : Voodoo
Size : 175.17 Mb
Version : 2.7.0
Updated : October 18, 2022
Developer : Voodoo


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The art style of "Puff Up" is 2D, in the balloon and enemy shape, itusessome materials to present a 3D visual effect. When the balloon is broken by the enemy, it will also show the smashing effect as if the fruit fell to the ground, seemingly familiar picture, as if to bring people back to the era of "Fruit Ninja". In addition, the game's color scheme also adopts the colorful color scheme andhigh saturation settings that fully meet the preferences of European and American users.From the actual experience, the core gameplay of "Puff Up" is not new, and the setting of increasing the area of the sphere by inflating it and reaching the clearance goal by accumulating the area of the sphere seems to be a similar product encountered in the domestic game market in the previous two years. This kind of product that requires players to be careful, but for most of the users in pursuit of fun, the game experience inevitably seems to be suffocating, thus affecting their mood. If you are a casual game player, if you are fond of reaction games, if you have deep feelings for VOODOO, then please do not easily miss "Puff Up".


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Create balls with numbers as large as possible and climb up the leaderboard worldwide.

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Puff Up is a strategy game in which players need to multiply balls of different sizes with different numbers and break the chain. You should be careful and keep holding the ball and watch it grow until the spike ball swirling around hits your ball. Release your hold before that or else your ball will explode. The secret of the game is to create as many balls as possible. So you should try your best to fill in every corner of the screen with balls. The final result will depend on the total score summed up by numbers in your balls. The control of the game is rather simple, players only need to tap and hold it on the screen and see the balloon grow while releasing it when the spike ball is about to approach. There might be locks or barriers blocking the front, which requires you to create enough balls to rush breaking the chain. And you can strategically create balls to block the way of the swirling spike balls to prevent them from hitting your newly generated balls. After several rounds, your performance will be evaluated and you will be shown your current rank on the global leaderboard. Sounds challenging and fun right? The game features excellent graphic design and audio effects, ensuring players an authentic and immersive gameplay experience. The game contains both in-game ads and purchases, and players can turn off the latter function by making some adjustments in the setting. The ads will be displayed almost after each round, with varied time lengths. Puff Up is rated for 3+, meaning players aged at or above 3 years old could try this game.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

The game itself is rather amazing. It challenges players’ problem-solving skills and speed of reaction. Players need to keep holding the ball and make it grow until the threatening ball with spikes comes. Release your hold before it comes, which tests how quickly you react. Figure out how to make as many balls as possible and sum up the largest number to break the barriers and reach the top of the leaderboard. The game encourages players to keep continuing and it is a pretty good incentive to place them on the ranking list which could be seen all around the world. Unfortunately, when watching ads, sometimes it might freeze and players will be unable to return to the game unless they click on the home screen and open the game again. It gets somewhat repetitive after around 15 levels. So if the developers want more player retention, they need to figure out a way to fix the bugs of the ads. Despite that, Puff Up is generally an excellent strategy game worth players’ time and effort to try. It is a good time waster and players can perfectly finish several rounds and relax during their leisure time.


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