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Crop Blast

Size : 73.40 Mb
Version : 1.6.1
Updated : January 13, 2022
Developer : Digi Ghost


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Crop Blast Paga? Paga Mesmo? Prova de Pagamento?
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【Gamematch3's Review】

I guess no one can refuse to erase a game. Right? Because it can be started quickly, without wasting time on waiting. With more and more elimination games on the market, the one I'm about to introduce you to is one you can't miss. The game is called Crop Blast and was developed by Digi Ghost.

As its name suggests, Crop Blast is a Crop-themed recreation game with a classic feel for manipulation and play. The colorful picture looks good. They complete their own unlock the various playing methods with small partners to fight to see if they recognize this. These crops. Feel the simple movement and trigger effect, and play is fascinating. The game is straightforward to play fun, through their fingers to slide to move. Experience different battles to achieve kill targets, complete your mission to earn other points. The game is inspiring style, lovely fighting objectives to obtain easy and pleasant background music. There is no limit to how the game can be played, and anyone can join in and experience the fun of being eliminated. Super level, a little fresh style of painting, so that you can enter the game and be immersed in the elimination experience. At any time, you can open your elimination journey and continue to break your achievements to get a higher score.

Every time a crop explodes, it gives you a new visual effect and a sense of touch! Players need to run their farms to be more brilliant and growing. The game also has many props for the player to use. The joyful leisure time is now. Happy background music to give you encouragement, simple elimination play, is a killing time artefact. Excellent Way to eliminate space, gorgeous special effects full-screen burst, all stop very sense of achievement. Classic simulation of the operation of the perfect combination of planting games and new elements, players will bring a rich game experience. All kinds of well-designed gameplay are full of challenges that require much thought. The game's difficulty will be more incredible and higher, and you need to keep trying to smoothly through the barrier.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1.The artstyleof Crop Blastcan be said to be really incomparable. Because all elements of this game are closely related to the farm, including thepatterns of the cubes in this puzzle game are vegetables of various shapes and colors, so you will feel a strong sense ofappetitewhen playing.The graphic quality of the game is also very wonderful. Apart from thecubedesign of the game, thebackgroundsceneryand cartoon charactersof the game are very in line with the atmosphere of the farm, and all reveal a lovely vibe, which is very attractive.

2.The game controlof the whole game is very smoothbecause what players in Crop Blasthaveto do is to find blocks with similar patterns as manyas possible, and then eliminate them.The game is relatively simple while playing, also because some of the elements we have are close to our daily life, such as eggplant and other vegetables. When we see them, we can accurately eliminate them through their shapesor colors, and the game also provides us with some convenient boosters, In this way, we can quickly go through the levels. The first few stages of the game are relatively easy to complete,andyou can find what can be eliminatedwithout any trouble. However, with the gradual increaseof the game, you will also find that it is a bit challenging to quickly find some blocks that can be eliminated later.

3. One of the highlights that makes me feel the most satisfyingin the process of playing the game is that after you completea number of levels, you can make some money through the game. This rewardcan greatly improve your motivation to play the game. I believe not many games can help players cash outand let game users make money in the game. So this one is a really precious game.


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