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The President

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Updated : September 11, 2022
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Updated : October 20, 2022
Developer : Crazy Labs


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The President art adopts the common 3D stereoscopic shape of simulation experience games, in the game whether it is realistic scenes, or a very different style of character modeling, are presented in 3D stereoscopic form.In order to reduce the expenditure on art, it is the vast majority of content placed in the President's office and the rally square, the player needs to face the senior leadership in the President's office to make instructions, and in the rally square to face the voters to make a choice in their favor.

From the actual experience, "The President" satisfies the overseas players' desire to be in the white palace and experience the interim president. It allows players to reject or pass various bills and laws according to their own preferences, and also makes the game a presidential simulator with realistic experience. However, the attractiveness of the game for Chineseplayers is significantly reduced,the game does not support Chinese. Secondly, due to the differences in the national system, the unfamiliar presidential system is not too attractive to the average player.

If you have dreamed of becoming the president of the country, if you are a fan of simulation experience games, if you like to make choices about things, then please do not easily miss"The President".


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Experience the life of the president and see which decision you will make to come to the best president!

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

The President is a career simulation game in which players will be able to play the role of a president and make different decisions to manage the work and the whole nation. Every decision is critical and the result will influence millions of citizens’ normal life. So be cautious when making decisions and see the reaction of your citizens. Listen to their feedback and rethink your decision in special circumstances. Apart from selecting different options, you also need to sign your name on the formal documents by dragging the pen on the screen and connecting all the dots together. To start the game, you should choose between female and male characters to decide which gender you would like the president to be. The game gives you a chance to attain a sense of power and control and practice your decision-making as well as national affair management abilities. See which options and values you agree with and what kind of president you will become ultimately. Even if you don’t perform well in the game and receive much hate from citizens, the game will not dismiss you. Instead, you could hire more VIP guards to escort you and prevent you from potential dangers. Sound quite exciting and fun, right? In the game, you don’t have to always behave well in order to satisfy others, because in this way the game will turn out boring. Rather, deliberately pick up the naughty answers and see the consequences of your choices. By trying this game, you will realize how critical the role of a president is and grow more interest in politics and national affairs. After each round of choices, you will see what kind of president you are now, be it a good, bad president, or even a dictator. The game doesn’t feature complicated game mechanics and players only need to do according to what the hints suggest throughout the game. All players take is one finger to either make choices or draw a line to sign their names. The game is free of charge but contains both ads and in-game purchases, which is quite understandable though.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

The President contains educational significance, helping players to tell the difference between a good, and bad president or a dictator. Players will learn how important the president is for the development of a whole country and will be more cautious when voting for presidential candidates in the future. The game is rather fun and triggers players’ curiosity to see the results of their choices. However, the character design is sort of rough and the female president become bald when she wears the cap. Also, the ads are crazily many and players don’t even make a choice before another ad comes. If the developers could fix these problems, the game will gain more popularity among players all over the world for sure.


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