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Toy Blast

Size : 158.33 Mb
Version : 9815
Updated : March 28, 2022
Developer : Peak
Size : 557.40 Mb
Version : 9806
Updated : March 28, 2022
Developer : Peak


Panda And Gaming (Fans 613
Toy Blast Level 6218
7 10
RTG FAMILY (Fans 2820
LETS PLAY Toy blast level 600 TOUGH LEVEL 600 beach balls vs 60 moves HD 1080P New levels added
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【Gamematch3's Review】

Do you have a favorite doll? What kind of doll do you like? Would you be interested in putting a doll in an elimination game? I'm going to introduce you to the game you must listen carefully. The game is called Toy Blast and was developed by Peak.

This is the kind of mobile game about puzzle elimination. The picture cartoon is exquisite, and the level is rich, providing the unique magic prop to help everybody break through the level. As well as the surprise reward and so on, you win, the operation is straightforward, continues the classic three elimination method, a variety of activities can participate, play up fun! There are infinite possibilities here, and your gift for solving puzzles will be the key to Toy Blast. Experience the most incredible adventure in the colorful world of toy The Running Man! Fun is at your fingertips, the fascinating puzzle waiting for you! Play unique and straightforward. Just click on the matching box, many lovely characters, and toys to accompany your adventure, more than 3,500 puzzles, fun, easy to master difficult.

There are many enhanced props and powerful attacks to help you solve the puzzle, layer upon layer clearance, open a star treasure box, and win a surprise award. You can also join the legendary arena and compete with the top players. With friends and players from all over the world to compete on the list, exciting activities every day are Star Championship, Championship, national treasure, and Daily Challenge. Spin the wheel of fortune and win the Daily Prize. The game is straightforward, the same box together can be eliminated, and you can collect the cards where the toy. Swap and match three sets of toy explosions, every move a second thought, hit a challenging level with the help of boosters. Match three or more of the identical diamonds. Match the toy to the blast until the plate is transparent and the diamond star appears.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1.Above all, I would like to say that the cartoon style of Toy Blastis very lovely, andthe main highlightsof this game are the map design and character design, both are comfortable to see while playing. And it is worth mentioning that the difference between this game and other similar elimination games is that its sound effect is also very attractiveand adorable, you can hear itevery time you eliminate a layer or achieve an achievementin this game. You will also receive encouragement from the game characters. For example, they would give you some applaud and shout out“awesome”and other praises, whichwill make you feel very encouraged in the process of playing the game. Their encouragements are often with some fancy and interesting audios. In addition, this game can let you choose many game characters you like, and they will accompany you in every process of yourbreakthrough.

2. Also, the playing method of this game is also relatively simple, that is, constantly eliminate some of the same blocks. Then you can see that there are many special itemsin the game. Special tools can help you createa large area of elimination,you would feel very relaxed while seeing a big zone of blocks are cleared.

Different from other elimination games, this game also has a variety ofmodes out there for you to choosefrom, such as daily challengesand some other tournament modes. In this way, you won't be bored with a single and tedious way of playing, and then you can continue to have more fun in the game.

3. Among thesedifferent game modesmentioned earlier, you can also have an arena mode for you to have some fun. The arena mode of Toy Blastcangather the most excellentplayers of this game, so you can compete with them.


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