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Fruit Puzzle

Size : 54.12 Mb
Version : 1.0
Updated : August 21, 2017
Developer : Weiyousoft Technology Co., Ltd



【Gamematch3's Review】

Firstly, Fruit Puzzle is a very fun fruit and bejeweled game. There are many kinds of fruit in the game, which are colorful and eye-catching. Meanwhile, the interface of the game is quite concise.

Secondly, as for the gameplay of Fruit Puzzle, it’s not difficult to understand. Simply speaking, it is a fruit match-3 game. What I need to do in the game is click on the topmost fruit to move it into the matching queue, and three same fruit in the matching queue will be cleared. That is to say, if I clear all the fruit I will win the game. Otherwise, I will lose the game if time is up or the matching queue is full. In a word, the process of the game is a little tough and which cost me a long time to challenge.

In addition, the difficulty of the game increases with the level upgrade, and each level has its own characteristics. As an essential element of the elimination game, Fruit Puzzle does a good job in the details. There are more than 60 levels in the game and each level has a different set of requirements. The scene of the game changes with each level, which is very characteristic.

In a word, if you want to experience a new pop game, Fruit Puzzle couldn’t be more suitable for you. And let’s enjoy relaxing and fun game time together.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. A fruit-themed match-3 game where players only need to tap the same fruit to move it into the matching queue. Sometimes players can match three apples, sometimes players can link seven grapes. The route that the player connects to the fruit is sometimes not a straight line but maybe a polyline or a circle. Then the same fruit will be cleared after the player clears all the fruit, the game will be won. Then a cute puppy with a bell will appear, announcing your victory. The system then emits a multi-colored light, eliminating the remaining fruit. Fireworks full of ceremonial sense will also be set off in front of the screen, and the dots of fire are very bright and shining. If you like to eat fruit, be sure to try this game, it will satisfy your visual experience and give you a sense of accomplishment. Of course, there is also an advanced mode waiting for your challenge. Only the same kind of fruit can be placed in special positions. When the fruit in the special position is cleared, the system will also clear other fruits on the left and right sides of the special lock position at the same time. It's even harder for players to figure out which fruit to remove next.

2. The background of the game is a fruit garden with fresh green foliage as a transition screen between levels. There are various elements to eliminate, and it is simply a fruit kingdom. There are also some less common fruits, like blueberries. Fruits of various colors are displayed in front of the screen. How much can you eliminate at most once? Looking forward to your results.

3. The sound effects of the game are very dynamic, and users who like super rhythm will definitely be addicted to the game. Sometimes they think it is the sound of a gun shooting. If you like exaggerated celebratory sound effects and love fruit, be sure to download this fruit match.


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