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Fruit Mania

Size : 47.56 Mb
Version : 1.0.2
Updated : May 14, 2013
Developer : Storm8


GameTurka (Fans 10
Fruit Mania iPhone / iPad (iOS) GamePlay
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【Gamematch3's Review】

Do you like colorful fruit? I recently found an exciting erasing game, and it's fruit themed. Would you like to hear it? The game is called Fruit Mania and was developed by Storm8 Studios.

This is a fruit theme of the elimination of mobile games, and players need to change the position of the fruit so that three of the same fruit form a row or a column can be completed to eliminate. There are various powerful props to help you break through the barrier. Fruit Fairy Hand game players need to exchange positions, eliminate the same fruit, complete each level of the task requirements, but also use props, play more enjoyable. The fruit elf is a juicy game puzzle. Welcome to the fruit land, have a great fruit party! Connect three fruits of the same color to the explosion and try more bursts to create a fruity monster!

Added hundreds of levels of puzzles! The game prepare for challenging obstacles such as mysterious portals, banana pedals, apple trees, and more! Following the tradition of the game, the game will be completely free, with no life limit! You can play this game as long as you want! This is a very challenging fun hand tour, using a beautiful cartoon-style game screen and the classic three-play method. Players in the game only need to change the position of the fruit, let three and more of the same color fruit closely linked can be eliminated, so that players enjoy the great fun of the game! The game picture is the cartoon new style game scene, giving you a refreshing experience! There are a large number of different elimination challenges, and so you come to challenge and experience! All kinds of game props and special effects to give you a refreshing experience of elimination! Convenient and straightforward gameplay operation, virtual button smooth operation!


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. Join now in this fruit battle game. How does it feel to see the fruit you like to eat disappear in front of the screen? Players just need to tap two or more elements of the same color to make it and get the reward. The user experience of this game is great, and the system will give you some tips to help you win the game as soon as possible. For example, it will remind you that there are only four steps left to eliminate things. The player needs to rescue the little mouse baby. By matching the same elements and then eliminating them, players can bring the baby mouse to the bottom of the screen to complete the goal. You can also use the game's auxiliary tools to clear all the fruits with one click.

2. The entire background of the game is not visible until the player has completely cleared things up. But overall, the pictures are fresh in style. The baby mouse is colorful and very cute. The two incisors of the little mouse are very cute, and there is a wagging little tail. After the player successfully passes the level, a golden light-emitting module will appear. The report card will congratulate you for getting a lot of points and saving all the mouse babies. I believe that all little children must want to be a little heroes.

3. Match-3 games are all about trying to let users relax and take out their mobile phones to pass levels anytime, anywhere. The same is true of this game, the elderly and children can be immersed in the dynamic music, especially the children who like little mice.


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