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Updated : March 11, 2022
Developer : Playrix
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Version : 2.3.1
Updated : March 12, 2022
Developer : Playrix


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【Gamematch3's Review】

Are you a person who is good at cleaning or organizing? If you were suddenly given a manor, would you be confident of getting it right? If you start to get interested, be sure to listen. The game is called FARMSCAPES and was developed by Playrix. Oh, and just so you know, the story's heroine is named Mary.

So the game is to take you and Mary to Farmscapes, turn this abandoned farm into a pristine paradise. This is a simple and fun game to build a farm by solving a race. The game tells the story of an urban girl who returns to the countryside to rebuild her farm. With the help and guidance of the game, you will quickly clear away clutter, renovate buildings, grow various crops, and build more sheep and cattle sheds. Your main goal in the game is to help Mary turn a forgotten old farm into a new, beautiful, colorful one. It's a popular game that players can find on any digital platform on their devices. The rules are so simple, your main goal is to help Mary transform a long-forgotten space into a new farm full of color and rich crops. In the game, you can do various activities, from choosing furniture for your farm and garden to completing colorful puzzles. These puzzles will give you a new gaming experience and an edge in this beautiful virtual world. You have to separate the colorful candy on the board for the farm furniture.

Farmscapes is a simple game because all the activities will be done on the home screen, not through anything. This way, players need to touch the home screen and select the action to be performed. Players will find game options available on the home screen to give players one of the most beautiful and spacious farms. In addition, according to the game required to complete the color puzzle, moving the candy just a finger on the screen to slide. The game is simple and easy to play. Similarly, when an option appears on the home screen to let you know about Mary's romance, you can choose a story sequence from the possibility that appears on the screen to help her find true love.The game also has unique graphics and design, and Farmscapes has an impressive graphics background and is vividly colorful, attracting players' attention. This is an excellent game where you can enjoy running a farm and find a unique game scene so that the game puzzle challenges provide you. In addition to meeting extraordinary characters and a player's love in a game story, you must also know. The creator designed a colorful high-quality world for the players. With colorful candy, the gameplay is lively. The farm setting is also very detailed and meticulous, allowing players to enjoy what it offers and focus on themselves. So, this is a great game that you should download and enjoy right away.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. It is easy to get started. In Farmscapes, the main line of the story is that the player passes the level and then helps the game character repair the farm that she purchased. The farm is divided into unlockable areas, such as messy rooms, abandoned gardens, etc. It takes a certain amount of time to restore each area, and you can collect props and furniture by completing some tasks. To beat a level, players need to match two or more blocks of the same color to achieve the goal. For example, players need to tap a group of two or more pieces of the same color to collect them. The player can then restore the farm to its clean and prosperous appearance and continue to interact with other characters.

2. The reward system seems to be clear and encouraging. Players are rewarded with horseshoes and gold coins after passing the level. Players can only obtain the special resources needed to complete farm restoration missions by eliminating the game. Each level you beat earns you 3 horseshoes. Each task requires 1-12 horseshoes. Players can use the in-game to-do list in the lower-left corner of the screen to track the progress of the game and current tasks. You can also earn coins by beating levels. They can be used to buy boosters (bombs, rockets, propellers) and additional actions. Players can also use gold coins for additional actions such as jumping, as well as replenishing life. Boosters help you pass harder games. Normal players start each day with 5 lives in Farmscapes. Once the life is gone, the player cannot continue the game.

3. The picture of the game is very delicate, very American style. The characters' clothing and the decoration of the house are very colorful. The colors are bright and shaded appropriately, and the textures are well-designed. There are also outdoor scenery, grassy lawns, and winding fences. The material of the items in the picture is not inferior to the animation at all.


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