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Traffic Puzzle - Match 3 Game

Size : 116.39 Mb
Version : 2.4.1
Updated : April 1, 2022
Developer : Huuuge Games
Size : 373.19 Mb
Version : 2.4.1
Updated : April 2, 2022
Developer : Huuuge Games


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【Gamematch3's Review】

1. If you are an active driver in busy city streets then you know how painful it is to get into traffic jam, and you also know how satisfying and pleasant it is when cars are cleared from the road one by one and everything goes back to normal. So, with this game, Traffic Puzzle - Match 3 Game, you will be able to recreate and enjoy that type of satisfying pleasure from the road just by clicking with you finger tips. If you are interested in a traffic solving puzzle journey with cute characters, this game has that exact thing to offer.

2. The game is very simple, suitable for both kids and adults to play, yet you need a little bit strategy and methods to really master the game. While in a specific level, all you need to do is to match the same at least three cars to make them disappear. The more you match with the less moves, the higher your scores will be. There are some different game objects such as, opening a path for a train to pass, remove all the cars from the road etc. And you have to finish them using only limited number of moves. So, you have to be more careful and watchful in order to achieve it. When you match more than three cars in a row, you will get different power-up items, which makes the game easier with their special abilities, but there are usually very limited, use them wisely. Last of all, there are so much content to enjoy and new content is still being uploaded regularly, making the game always fun and surprising.

3. the graphics of the game is also very well achieved, the character, the cars, the items are all so cute. The details are very well polished with great effort. All in all, this is such an addictive game with great game mechanics and at the same time, such a beautiful piece of art to enjoy.


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【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. One of the novelties of the game is that none of the elements are present from the start, but have to be added by pressing the arrow keys around (including up, down, left and right). The rules of the game are that every three identical elements are linked together to be eliminated. As the game progresses, the elements become more and more varied and complex, and the difficulty level slowly increases. Props are locked at the beginning and need to be unlocked little by little, so this is a game that tests the player's patience and perseverance and is ideal for killing time when you are bored.

2. The game is a vehicle lover's paradise with a variety of vehicles including cars, ambulances, fire engines and trucks. The design, main features and construction of these various vehicles are all represented in the game to some extent. In the case of the ambulance, for example, its warning lights are constantly flashing. Or in the case of a sports car, for example, it is always ready to hit the road. Not only will car lovers enjoy this game, but people who don't normally know much about cars will also learn a lot from it.

3. The game has a limit to the number of moves the player can make, and the player is not able to move infinitely all the time. For example, it requires the player to eliminate the ambulance three times on the request of moving the car up to 10 times. It is therefore a relatively difficult game, but it also encourages the player to exercise their planning and overview skills, as they need to take into account the layout of the various vehicles and the way they move. However, the difficulty is reasonable and not overly difficult. It’s a good game for students.


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