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Count Masters: Stickman Games

Size : 102.76 Mb
Version : 1.46.3
Updated : September 8, 2022
Developer : AIBY
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Version : 1.46.5
Updated : October 5, 2022
Developer : AIBY


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Count Masters: Crowd Clash & Stickman running game - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Levels 1-7
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The first point is that the game has the advantage of fantastic gameplay. Players need to control the stickman to move forward while choosing a route that maximizes the number of stickman. Avoiding various obstacles and choosing the best route must be guaranteed. Therefore, the player's ability to use hands, eyes, and brains is directly exercised. Simple operations, interesting gameplay, rich interactions, and settings that use both hands and brains, which makes the seemingly simple parkour game experience richer, and also makes the seemingly simple puzzle gameplay play more roles.

However, from the actual experience, the basic gameplay of Count Masters is no different from similar parkour mobile games, and even a single parkour goal setting is too simple, which can easily make players feel tired. But with the addition of computing leverage, the game experience has been substantially improved.In a sense, this makes up for the shortcomings of the game itself.

Overall, Count Masters perfectly combines puzzle gameplay and action gameplay, allowing players to calculate which lever to choose to get higher returns while running. Of course, this is enough to attract players to play this game.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Lead your army of the stickman to break through layers of obstacles and become the first one to reach the destination!

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Rush through different gates and gather stickman warriors to clash against the rival group. Master your group of stickmen and win this epic race by taking down your enemies. You not only need to deal with the obstacles set in your way but also the opponent team who try to squeeze you off the road all the time! Stay focused and rush bravely toward your rivals. Keep collecting coins along the way so as to upgrade. In the final battle, you will confront the King-stickman. By defeating him, you will conquer the whole castle. This 3D Count Masters: Stickman Games is a fun and thrilling racing game in which players will be able to compete with their friends and interact with strangers all over the world. It will practice your concentration ability and sharpen your problem-solving skills. Since it is a running game, the response speed also matters. You will enjoy the excitement of a series of actions, including running, dodging, clashing, etc. Leading an army of stickmen will give you a great sense of control and achievement. The game features bright-colored graphics and interesting course designs. The gameplay mechanics are also user-friendly, enabling almost everyone to enjoy the game and master it within minutes. Go through tons of group fights and battles and gain your place in the world of stickman after fierce competitions. The dynamic race will keep you entertained from the beginning to the end without making you feel bored. As the boss of a whole crowd, use your brain to lead the team and beat the opposing team! As a racing game, it also contains educational significance. Players need to keep counting and increasing the runners in their team in order to outnumber the other group. And you have to make the critical decisions of gates which might lead to completely different results. Get ready to challenge the most furious stickman battles. Gather coins along the way until you become the strongest one.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

Since the game has many levels for players to challenge, each with escalating difficulty, players will gradually sharpen their skills throughout the gameplay process. Players can invite their friends and family to join the game and the game will be a perfect platform for you guys to interact and socialize with each other. It is a cool time killer and an escape from the daily stress for hours. However, because the game contains in-game purchases and ads, players should be careful to not spend too much money to enjoy the game. You can simply turn off the purchase function in your mobile device’s settings. The duration of each level could be extended to longer ones so that players could immerse themselves completely in the game. The game is rated for 7 +, which means that players at or over the age of 7 years old could play this game.


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