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Text or Die

Size : 85.98 Mb
Version : 6.0.3
Updated : October 21, 2022
Developer : Rollic
Size : 233.07 Mb
Version : 6.0.2
Updated : October 19, 2022
Developer : Rollic


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The first advantage of the game is that this is a character typing game where you need to outlive your opponent and avoid being eaten. The longer the word the player uses to answer the question, the higher the tower will be built, and the rising waters will not be able to hurt you, so how to answer each question with the longest answer may become the key to defeating all opponents.

The second point is that as the level progresses, the difficulty of the questions that players need to answer will gradually increase. The questions are involved in all levels, and each question has different characteristics. Players will think about these questions and expand use your own thinking to find the correct answer in all directions. It’s relatively simple to operate, as long as you don’t collect junk food, you can stay in shape.

From the actual experience, Text or Die is a casual puzzle mobile game with a new and interesting gameplay. The game adopts a brand-new gameplay. Here you need to think constantly to pass the level, and the questions are not difficult. Players only need to use their brains to get through the level, and whoever gets to the destination first will win and get rich rewards.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Test your common sense knowledge and vocabulary by joining the competitive game of Text or Die.

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Text or Die is a word game in which players need to answer different questions with one word, and the number of letters in the word given by you will add to the blocks underneath your feet. You and other AI competitors are traps in the ocean and you have only several blocks under your feet. To survive the game and escape from the destiny of being eaten by the shark, you should try to think of a word as long as possible. The key to victory is to build your tower with the longest word you can think of, and it must not be misspelled. See if you could last till the end while the rest all sink into the ocean! Outlast your opponents and watch ads to get extra rewards and bonuses. Apart from the threat of the shark, an armed ship will also come by to fire at your tower of blocks, resulting in the loss of several blocks under your feet. After each question, the water will rise until three of the competitors get drowned and eaten by the shark. The game also features bonus levels in which players could get even more bonuses for later use. The texting game not only challenges players' vocabulary and response speed but is also wonderful to improve English. You choose to spin and choose different themes of questions. If you happen to select a topic that you are not that good at, you could watch ads to have another chance to spin and choose different topics. In the special bonus level, you will have no competitors, and you need to keep answering the same question with different words until you are running out of ideas. If you type or spell the word wrong, the game will correct your answer.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

Players could take participate in a series of word tournaments with other AI competitors to test their common sense and vocabulary. The gameplay mechanics are rather simple. Players only need to type one word for each question. The key is to make the word as long as possible because the number of letters in the word will add to the number of blocks under your feet. The game offers players a great chance to gather fragmented information and form systematic knowledge about a certain field, especially during the bonus level featuring specific topics. You are also allowed to customize the look of your characters and unlock different characters as they level up. The game is pretty fun and addictive. It is not only a good time killer but also has educational significance for players. However, the frequency of ads should be decreased a bit so that it won’t waste players’ too much time watching ads. In sum, Text or Die deserves more players’ attention and is recommended for players who want to test their English skills.


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