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First Look: Townscaper
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As a building simulation game, the best feature of Townscaper is that there aren't any buildings to choose from in the game! We used to play simulation building games inside there will be chairs, railings, stairs and various shapes of houses and so on, so that players can choose and plan. In "Townscaper", the only thing the player can choose is the fifteen colors arranged by color scale on the left side of the screen, the player can decide what color to build the house, but can not decide what the house will look like, because the game will automatically calculate the construction of the "ideal" building. At the beginning, the game presents a blank sheet of paper, where there is no teaching, no task, the player can cover as much as he wants, the effect is also quite good!At the same time, there is no music in Townscaper, but the sound effects are particularly good. The game's houses are built on water, and when we build or destroy buildings, there will be scattered rocks falling into the water, the sound of water and the sound of pigeons being disturbed flapping their wings and flying away. But the game itself is not large content,and lacks feedback.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Use your imagination and build the townscape of your dream with no time limits and goal requirements.

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Townscaper is a town-building game that enables players to build a quaint island town while allowing their imagination goes as wide as possible. You can build whatever you want, including soaring cathedrals, networks of canals, cities floating in the sky, etc, all from scratch. Start your construction from a block and no specific goals are set in the gameplay. You can simply take your time to enjoy the building process and design various shapes and appearances of your buildings. See if you can win the hearts of others by building the most magnificent architecture. Townscape is more than a game for fun, it encourages players to activate their passion and imagination to complete a masterpiece. To begin the gameplay, players need to pick different colors from the palette and color the blocks of the whole building. Players will find it rather soothing and refreshing to engage in the construction process and achieve self-realization by accomplishing their masterpieces one after another. You will be greeted with a blank map with water and there is a row of colors waiting for you to choose from. After you lay a foundation for your building, you could enjoy the hypnotic sound of the building in the water. The city-building game inspires players with its aesthetic enjoyment as well as soothing audio effects. Moreover, the 3D graphics are authentic and immersive, well-designed by developers, and offer players an engaging gameplay experience. Players could gain a sense of control by building a whole city from scratch and a great sense of achievement when they finish their project. Experiment with the underlying algorithm of Townscaper and see how spectacular the town will turn out to be. You could enjoy every detail of the town with the high-definite visual effects and have multiple enjoyments out of the building, appreciating, and imagining. One thing to note, the game costs some money for players to download, and it is not cheap, so players need to think it through before making the final decision. The game is teacher approved and rated for players aged at or above 3 years old.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

Townscape inspires players to grow interested in building and activates their imagination. Their sense of aesthetics could be fostered by playing the game. The game is fun and addictive, requiring no time limits, rules, or specific goals for players to reach in order to win the game. All players need to do is build the city of their dreams while allowing their imagination to go as wild as possible. The graphic design and audio effects of the game are amazing, and the game mechanics are user-friendly. By playing Townscaper, players enter a world of imagination and inspiration. What if the city could be filled with more life, meaning people walking around the city? That would be even more awesome. Hope developers could take this into consideration.


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