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Updated : October 22, 2022
Developer : Kamibox
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First of all the innovation of supertype is that it combines physical gravity with English letters in a clever way. In supertype you will get a keyboard, type a string of letters, and hit enter, they will fall down by gravity. When they all hit the designated square marker, the level is passed.

Secondly, the details of supertype are also worthy of praise. There are more than 100 levels that are not duplicated, and the various textured backgrounds and English wallpaper-style backgrounds give the game a unique classical flavor. You don't have to worry about getting stuck at a certain level, because supertype allows you to challenge the current level and the next 8 levels.

At the same time, the game will have many characters to combine and thus complete the required tasks and feel the new challenges. To eliminate the dots in the scene, the player has to enter the corresponding letter or word according to the distribution of dots and obstacle lines to break the level.

But the creation part is difficult to use. Putting in a grid background to help place the dots and lines and a pause feature to see where the letters are when they fall may help.

All in all supertype is a creative casual game and is recommended for all players.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Type the right letter and take advantage of the physics to hit the target.

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Supertype is a letter game rather than a word game because it doesn’t require players to type down or spell a correctly spelled whole word to continue to the game. Rather, only if players could the right shaped letters to hit the targeted dot, it means victory for players in a round. To master the game, players need to predict what kind of falling route would be for certain letters with certain shapes, and they need to use the right letter in order to cope with all kinds of situations. The game features more than 100 levels, each with a challenging difficulty. Players will improve their problem-solving skills throughout the gameplay process. By enjoying the game, players can get relaxed and appreciate the zen-like style supported by the well-designed graphics and soothing background music, and audio effects. Differing from the rest of the word games, Supertype doesn’t require players to spell certain words but it encourages players to take advantage of features of different letters to hit the dot when falling. The gameplay mechanics are very innovative and fun for players to challenge. The controls of the game are also quite easy for players to pick up. Players only need to type letters or draw lines to let the letters fall on the dot. See the result of your typing and drawing. It might turn out brilliant and satisfying, or rather a missing chance. Players will be entertained by those one hundred levels of challenges and are propelled to figure out different strategies to hit the target. The physics feature of the game highlights the educational significance to children and adult players, inspiring them with interesting phenomenons of different letters when they fall. Sometimes, players need to type the letters on their own, while on other occasions, they are told to draw a line below assigned letters. No correct spelling of words is required, and you only need to make sure that the letters you typed out will end in the right place. So think about the shapes of each letter in advance and image what it will be when they are falling. In terms of the drawing, you are supposed to draw lines to make the letters fall or ascend and hit the target dot. So the key to winning is to control the letters to fall in the right direction.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

Supertype is a challenging and innovative letter game practicing players’ problem-solving skills. It makes full use of the basic knowledge of physics and encourages players to type out letters or draw lines to make the letters fall into the right place. The game is fun and keeps players entertained with its easy game mechanics yet it turns out pretty challenging for players when they are trying to overcome different obstacles in the game. The background music and the style of the graphics are soothing, providing players relaxing gameplay experience.


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