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The Battle Cats

Size : 109.05 Mb
Version : 11.9.0
Updated : October 18, 2022
Developer : PONOS
Size : 141.02 Mb
Version : 11.9.0
Updated : October 19, 2022
Developer : PONOS


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The Battle Cats - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1(iOS, Android)
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The first advantage of the game is that it is a magical strategy battle game. Players can recruit all kinds of magical cats to fight and guard their turrets. The gameplay is very simple and players can easily master it. The game is based on cute cats, and the levels are rich and varied. You can break through more levels here to discover more fun to play in this game. In addition, the imagination of the game is very large, and characters can upgrade and change their appearance. It’s absolutely something you've never imagined before.

The second point is that as the game progresses, the level of difficulty changes more reasonably, and new cats can be unlocked continuously. The new cats will not only look more curious in appearance, but also have various combat skills, which greatly reduces the aesthetic fatigue caused by a single game mode to players.

Of course, as far as the system is concerned, if you play this game with a curious mind, your choice is correct, but if you want to pursue a novel way of playing, I am afraid you will feel disappointed.

In fact, the gameplay of the game is still the traditional push tower defense, and there are not many highlights in the gameplay.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Lead your army of cats to fight through the most powerful enemies!

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

The awkwardly cute cat soldiers will rampage the world by storm. In this battle game, players will command a team of cats with strange yet cute cats with simple controls and battle against various enemies to conquer the world. The gameplay mechanics are easy to learn the battle system is super simple for players to comprehend. Choose the cat you want to control by tapping on it and implementing a wide array of fatal weapons to start the fierce battle. You can choose the cat cannon to fire at your rivals and blast them when they are threatening your military base. Defend your territory and overcome upcoming enemies with the cat squad. Moreover, try your best to defeat your rivals and take down their base. To level up requires players’ basic knowledge about the leveling system. You need to clear stages and get XP to upgrade your cats. See if they will evolve to the level of 10 and unlock their true form at the end of the game. Throughout the gameplay, you can collect a bunch of glorious and precious treasures during your adventure across the world. To empower your team, you can continuously recruit dozens of cats that are rarely seen or exotic. Build your feline army and aim for the ultimate powerful cat kingdom. In the story mode, you will embark on an adventure featuring hundreds of stages, which will keep you entertained with numerous legendary challenges. The game contains in-app purchases, so if you want to enjoy more extra features, simply do the purchases in the game. If you don’t want to spend money, then you can turn off the function in your mobile device’s settings. Also, ads are displayed in the game. The game is rated for 12+, meaning players aged at or above 12 years old could try this game. Dive into the world of cats and find out which weird-looking cat you will team up with or fight against.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

As a battle game, The Battle Cats requires a network connection in order to ensure its gameplay features. It is also the same case when downloading and updating the game. So, for players who usually don’t have a steady connection to the internet, it might be hard for them to enjoy the complete features of the game. Nevertheless, playing the game is a huge yes, and the intriguing gameplay mechanics and easy controls guarantee players a smooth gameplay experience. The graphic design as well as the audio effects are an excellent combination for sure. You will definitely get immersed in the game with its hundreds of levels. It is a good time killer and addictive for players. In the future, developers may categorize cats into different groups so it is easier for players to differentiate the good from the bad. The game is strongly recommended for people who love cats and want to get involved in cat battles.


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