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Sweet Escapes

Size : 159.38 Mb
Version : 7.2.569
Updated : March 12, 2022
Developer : Redemption Games
Size : 553.58 Mb
Version : 7.2.569
Updated : March 15, 2022
Developer : Redemption Games


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SWEET ESCAPES - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 iOS / Android - Build a Bakery
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【Gamematch3's Review】

The graphics of Sweet Escapes are very good, I was attracted by the game graphics from the beginning, but after playing it several times, I found it was the gameplay that attracted me more.

First of all, Sweet Escapes is a dessert-themed puzzle game with unique booster and explosion combinations. Which combines the gameplay of simulation and match 3, so that I can clear the stage by elimination and get more items and coin rewards to unlock more interesting content decorating and constantly run my own bakery. I’m quickly fascinated by the game because of its simple and fun operation.

Next, one of the biggest features of the game is that I can follow with animals on my bakery adventure, such as a lovable rabbit Joy and other hilarious animals. All in all, as a bakery chef, I can choose mouth-watering items I want to make in these bake goods games, create menus and offer special events to my clients while playing matching games.

On the whole, Sweet Escapes is a game where I can play matching games and puzzles with animal friends. Thus, don’t be hesitate anymore, welcome to join me baking the tastiest pastries in this fun new puzzle game if you’re interested.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. Players will enter the game to a beautiful dessert town, where the scenery is beautiful and quiet environment. Players will meet a rabbit character, who will explain the general background of the story to the players and guide them step by step to the next operation. After the player enters the main operation interface of the game, he will see various colors of squares stacked together. What the player needs to do is to click on the adjacent blocks of the same color that are connected together and eliminate them. Every time the player eliminates a block, a new block will fall from the top of the screen. The colors of these new blocks are randomly selected by the system, which adds a lot of challenge and fun to the game. The game requires the player to have overall planning and coordination skills, including choosing the most suitable movement plan, or eliminating as many blocks as possible at once and getting a lot of rewards. The game is not too difficult and easy to play, so players can quickly adapt to the pace of the game. If the player encounters something else during the game, he can save the progress and leave at any time. In addition, the game will have some other side quests, such as decorating cakes or houses, and players will get a rich gaming experience.

2. The game style design is very cute and beautiful, while the details of each place is also very well drawn. For example, the game uses a lot of pink colors, making the whole picture more romantic and vivid. Or, when indoors, players can clearly see the lines on the walls. These attentive design attracts players to better immerse themselves in this virtual world and get a unique gaming experience.

3. Players will get some tools provided by the system in the game, such as a rocket that can eliminate many squares at the same time, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the game.


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