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Pet Rescue Saga

Size : 90.18 Mb
Version : 1.342.35
Updated : March 28, 2022
Developer : King
Size : 173.97 Mb
Version : 1.342.35
Updated : March 28, 2022
Developer : King


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【Gamematch3's Review】

What games do you like to play in your free time? Do you like elimination games? Wait, I know you've played many elimination games, but today I'm going to introduce you to an entirely different elimination game. It's called Pet Rescue Saga, developed by King.

This is a very cute elimination of the game, there are rich levels of super cute pets, and you rush together a variety of props to help you! The game uses the exquisite cartoon drawing style to make, eliminates the special effect dazzles the color magnificently, matches the joyful background music, also blends the solution puzzle element. In the game, you only need to compare two or more bricks of the same color to remove obstacles from the hands of evil pet thieves to rescue pets! But there are only so many steps, so plan them carefully. Challenge yourself to solve puzzles in this fun and cute elimination game! The game has an eye-catching, colorful game screen, no advertising interface, and a variety of cute animals for you to rescue, such as puppies, rabbits, pigs. The game level diversification, the player passes through the level of success to unlock to open the new scene. To help players better clearance, the game also added a wealth of props, such as Diamonds, bombs, rockets, to help players clearance.

And, of course, the obstacles to the game are significantly increased. Such as Animal Cage, lock, and key, prevent you from rescue. Different levels and obstacles require players to challenge their wits in this strange world of animals and wonders. And the game joined the exciting list, players, through the list to challenge to continue to break through the barrier. The game operation is straightforward, and players can click on the same color box that can be removed. After the player erases, lets the pet fall into the ground even breaks the barrier to success. The game has the pet not to fall to the ground to break the barrier to fail. After my presentation, are you interested? If the answer is yes, download it now!


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1.First of all,Pet Rescue Sagais suitable for all agegroups, because its playing method is relatively simpleand friendly. Generally, you need to find the squares of the same color in the puzzleand eliminate them. Moreover, each level of the game has clear goalguidance, such as how many points you need to get, how many levels of squares you need to eliminate, or how many animals you need to save, So as long as we achieve these goals, it is equivalent to that we have completedthis level. Therefore, both novices and experienced players are reallysuitable to play this game, and our sense of achievement will grow while playing it.

2.The second biggest highlight is that the artstyle of this game is very adorable and well designed, and one of the core purposes of this game is to rescue by removing these squares of same colors. You can noticesome lovely little animal games waiting onthe squaresin the first row from above, many small animals can be found in this game, and their designs are very cute, so players can't help but want to help them get rescued when playing.In addition to the art style of the game, the sound effect of the game can also make us feel in a cartoon world, and the overall rhythm of the audiosof the game is not very stressful, so it can make it easy for us to relax

3.The third biggest highlight and one of my favorite points is that this game can let you compete with your good friends or other players at the same time, because after you play this game, it will let you see your current ranking with them. In this way, you can have more desire to win and compete with them to see who is betterinPet Rescue Saga.


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