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Merge Mansion

Size : 161.48 Mb
Version : 22.04.01
Updated : April 11, 2022
Developer : Metacore Games
Size : 392.77 Mb
Version : 22.04.01
Updated : April 11, 2022
Developer : Metacore Games


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Merge Mansion - Spring Event - Part 1.1 - Gameplay - FULL STORY - CaroGamesNL
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Merge Mansion | Spring Holiday Event | HAPPY EASTER DAY | Part 2
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【Gamematch3's Review】

The game has an awesome animation design and it is like the player has entered an animated world. It is a small, quiet city where people live in harmony. The city is beautifully landscaped, with patches of grass and trees, and a blue sea that stretches into the distance. The greenery, together with the red walls of the houses, makes the whole picture quite beautiful. This is a visual feast for the player, in addition to the action of the mission. The design and composition are so beautiful that they not only inspire the player, but also allow him to relax.

The game's great attention to detail is portrayed in even the most inconspicuous places. For example, in the destroyed garden, the player can clearly see the crumbling landscape of fallen trees: broken flowerbeds, dead leaves, dusty floors, ruined fences and a hodgepodge of wooden boards. Then there is the design of the houses, which also shows signs of careful design. The gaps between the tiles on the roofs, the cut-outs on the iron doors and the patterns on the walls are details that add to the beauty of the game and to the charm of this beautiful town.

The rules of the game are very simple, easy to operate, the player can easily win the level. The player's role is to help the heroine clean up the house and sort the various items. Players need to stack the same items together, and after they produce new items, then stack these new items on top of their identical items. Ultimately, if the player collects the required items, the game is won. The level is not very difficult, the task is simple, the player only need to observe a little will be easy to successfully pass. This is a game for leisure and relaxation.


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【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. Thisgameisbased on a very interesting story: Maddie has received a bunch of keys from her grandma and these keys lead her to a mansion in a far quiet place. But she soon learns that the Mansion is going to be taken down because it’s old and unsafe, unless Maddie cleans up the yards, driveway and all the other places. She starts working and every time she finished a specific work, her grandma shows up and tells her about things that she found while cleaning, but grandma always leaves with an excuse to check her cake in the middle of the story, always leaving Maddie puzzled and wondering.

2. To play the game you need to clean up the place, to be able to do that you need different tools. These can be obtained through playing merging games in the garage. After opening the garage, you need two pieces of the same item and pull one on top of each other. By keep doing this, you will have more and more new items to clean up more places and proceed to next story. Because the stories are told in a separate and gradual manner, it always stays very interesting to keep investigating, making the game a really interesting visual short story that can be done as a puzzle at the same time.

3. Along with the interesting stories, the game also has a very unique and well-build art style. The images are very colorful and bright, vivid and lively. The characters are so well drawn that they look alive almost all the time. Along with the wonderful sound effects, such as characters interacting with each other or catchy background music, the game is very immersive and makes you totally forget about the time. If you are interested in good stories and wonderful puzzle at the same time, you should definitely check out this game.


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