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Version : 5.2.4
Updated : March 21, 2022
Developer : Playrix
Size : 308.08 Mb
Version : 5.2.4
Updated : March 21, 2022
Developer : Playrix


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【Gamematch3's Review】

In general, Homescapes is the most heartwarming game I’ve ever played. The colorful game graphics and well-equipped furniture make me feel at home in this game. In addition, the theme of the game is clear, that is helping Austin renovate and decorate rooms in his mansion by completing colorful match-3 levels, and unlock more chapters in exciting family story.

Next, Homescapes is really not that special in terms of the gameplay. It is a match-3 game with construction as the core gameplay, and which is common in games. However, one thing that other match-3 games cannot match. That is the interaction design in games is really make me addictive. The moments in Homescapes is designed to show the mutual hatred of people in the town in the form of fragments of words, which makes the characters more vivid and the whole story more complete. Except for seeing the status of moments, I can also interact with the furniture in Homescapes. For example, click on plants and Austin will water them, click on old photos in the wall, I can zoom in or zoom out for appreciating, and click on rocking chairs, Austin can sit down and have a relax. Just this detailed interaction design brings me a unique gaming experience.

In a word, Homescapes is a fun SIM casual game, where each challenge is great sense of accomplishment and I believe you can fall in love with it.


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【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. The game has a lot of text prompts, so players can quickly follow the steps of the game and advance the storyline. In the process of designing the interior decoration of the house, players can unknowingly complete the small tasks in the game. Players only need to match three or more similar elements to harvest gold coins. Then players can adjust the different furniture according to their own aesthetic taste. Items such as teacups, books, bow ties, buttons, lamps, teapots, etc. can all be replaced, and there are many similar objects of different colors, shapes, and sizes. The process of replacing furniture requires a certain amount of gold. Because the house here is a mansion, players have many levels to unlock and try out different decoration styles.

2. The sofas, clear-textured floors, and family portraits on the walls in the game tend to be American-style, bringing players a sense of family warmth. The brush is very delicate, the light and shadow are appropriate, and it is not comparable to a shoddy game. Eliminating elements are green cups, delicious donuts, etc., yellow lamps, and pink buttons. The screen of the whole game is very wide, the elimination elements do not seem to be crowded together, and the space is very large. Players will not be dazzled. The background is a blurred room, so when switching to changing furniture, the process is smooth. Many details are yet to be found and you may be the creative designer.

3. The game also has a chat function. A button that opens "Chat" in the team window. Here in the game, players can chat online, send messages, requests, and hit points. Players can also read notifications when joining or leaving a team. Players can team up with friends to play the game, which is very suitable for childhood mini-games to cultivate friendship.


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