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Gum Gum Battle

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Version : 0.2.16
Updated : October 6, 2022
Developer : DWANGO
Size : 263.85 Mb
Version : 0.2.16
Updated : October 7, 2022
Developer : DWANGO


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The first advantage of this game is that it is different from general fighting games, which tests the player’s eyesight and reaction ability very much, because the player needs to find the weakness of the target at the first time, and then operate the game character to start. Poor eyesight and weak reaction ability may cause players can’t quickly complete the ending of the task. In terms of fun, players can also experience the fun that various enhancements add to themselves.

The second point is that the game itself also uses a 3D physics engine, which makes the game effect more realistic and the player’s game experience will be better. The operation feels very smooth, and after simple settings, you can join the game world to launch the challenge. And with the deepening of the instance zones, players will continue to gain enhanced effects and equipment, and they can use attributes to choose the effect that suits them.

In a word, if you are a big fan of fighting games, it’s time to choose different characters to fight in Gum Gum Battle, each character’s skills are available, constantly become stronger in the battle, quickly cast different skills to fight, defeat your opponents again and again to win and show your best abilities.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Stretch the body of the character and start the most creative and funny fight against rivals!

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Gum Gum Battle is a battle game taking advantage of gummy and rubber-like bouncing flexibility to make the most intriguing gameplay mechanics. Instead of kicking or punching the opponents, players can attack their rivals by stretching the body of the characters like their heads and limbs to bounce themselves toward the rival and smash the opponent to the wall. Remember that the attacks will happen on the opposite side of your stretching direction, so don’t make mistakes stretching in the wrong direction. Your ultimate goal is to send your foes through the wall and finally make them fall off the edge so that you could level up. Though the gameplay mechanics seem quite easy to understand, it still requires techniques and skills in order to cope with some tricky situations. Win the game requires wise strategies and quick actions so as to not attack in the wrong direction and make yourself fall from the edge instead. Therefore, be smart and think clearly before each stretch and persist in fighting until beating the foe. The game features colorful graphics and smooth actions of characters. The rules are easy for players to follow as well. Gum Gum Battle contains in-game ads and is rated as 3+, meaning players aged at or above three years old could play this game. The visual effects like the smoke and the skyscrapers are well-designed, combined with exciting and heroic music, creating a rather amazing vibe. Players could totally immerse themselves in the game and enjoy the brilliant gameplay, keep sharpening their skills till they beat all their rivals. It is a quite fast-paced fighting game so players can finish a round of battle within minutes, making the game a good time killer for players to enjoy during their break, helping them to release stress and anxiety effectively.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

As a unique and innovative fighting game, Gum Gum Battle boasts tricky mechanics that require players to apply witty tactics to win. Keep in mind that you should always stretch the body of the character in the opposite direction of the attack you want it to go and enjoy the fierce battle scene while letting your daily stress out throughout the battles. The game is user-friendly and entertains players with its excellent designed graphics and fun mechanics. However, the promotional ads of the game are complained by players for being different from what is actually contained in the game. What’s more, the game is also riddled with ads, hindering players to have a smooth gameplay experience. Some players also think that the developers could season the content a little bit and make it not that easy for players to knock the enemy off within several stretches. In sum, Gum Gum Battle deserves players’ attention and is recommended for players who are fond of action games and those who simply want to kill time.


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