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Day Repeat Day

Size : 557.71 Mb
Version : 1.0.8
Updated : February 4, 2022
Developer : Kimmo Lahtinen


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Day Repeat Day - Corporate Drone All-Star Ending
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Day Repeat Day: iOS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5, The End! (by Kimmo Factor / gimblll)
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【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1.Day Repeat Dayis definitely the most creativeand compelling matching-3 puzzlegame that you have never seenor playedbefore, because the commontraditional elimination puzzlegames are very simple to play, and there is basically no story inside so they will lack some depth. But Day Repeat Dayis one puzzle game that dares to break the convention. The biggest highlight of Day Repeat Dayis that it is a puzzlegame that canallow players tointeract and let you experience the life journeyof a worker, so from this point of view, I think the developers of this game are very creative. In the process of the game, this interactivity is reflected in that you can communicate with your colleagues, your family or friends and your partner anytime, and the dialogues between you and they are so natural. So you can feel that this is a game thatcan bring you some new and different game experiences.

2. In addition, the concept of Day Repeat Dayis like the name suggests, which is thatevery day, as an employee, you will face a lot of work lists, so you have to complete each level according to these work lists, so this game actually allows us to experience what normal workers have to do in their daily life.

3. The essence of Day Repeat Dayis after allan elimination game. Different from other elimination games, the element designs of this game and other visuals are very clean and will not make us feel some annoyinginterference in the process of playing the game. Moreover, the elements of this game are basically somefruits we usually seeand eat in our daily life, and the colors usedonthese fruits arevery distinct and clear to players. Therefore, after grasping the most basic playing method of elimination game, We can also enjoythis game very easily.


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