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Cookie Cats Pop

Size : 108.00 Mb
Version : 1.54.0
Updated : March 28, 2022
Developer : Tactile Games
Size : 419.66 Mb
Version : 1.54.2
Updated : April 13, 2022
Developer : Tactile Games


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【Gamematch3's Review】

The animation design of the game is excellent, with a variety of images that are vivid and interesting, as well as a variety of details that are well drawn. The player first enters a world where kittens are in danger and needs to get through the levels in order to rescue them. It's a fantastically charming world with spaceships, bathing meows and sky-high buildings. The kittens are very distinctive, with big eyes and bulging tummies that make you want to pet them. Players will have a wonderful gaming experience as they wander through this beautiful world.

The game's color palette is bold and produces an unexpected and stunning effect. The game is dominated by a variety of bright colors, orange with red, plus green, purple and yellow, which come together to make the whole game beautiful and vivid. In addition, the stark contrasts between the colors produce an interesting effect. For example, the dark sky building with the light blue sky background, the dark purple pair of kittens with the light purple balls, the difference between these light colors adds a touch of mystery to the game world and stimulates the player's imagination to a great extent.

The game has been designed with great care and attention to detail, as well as being very creative, which not only makes the game image more three-dimensional, but also enriches the player's gaming experience. For example, inside the various types of colored balls there are small objects, either biscuits, sweets or little stars. Then there are also some clearly visible marks on the wooden pillars, the birds that fly by from time to time, the bright light in the pupils of the kittens and the shades of color of the distant clouds. These small details make the whole game more realistic and engaging, and allow the player to immerse themselves in it better.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1.The playing method of Cookie Cats Popis very simple and easy to pick up, so basically you do not need to learn it for a long time. The playing method is very similar to the elimination game, but there is a little bit of difference. When we start playing this game, there will be some tips in the game that can help us understand the mechanism of the game. All we need to do is throw a small cookie of a certain color, and then eliminate the cookies of the same color.

2. Each level of Cookie Cats Pophas a specific goal that we need to achieve. For example, we need to make sure we hit the points that is required for each level, or eliminate at least 50 cookies in a limited time or in a limited number of steps, so we can follow the instructions given by the game when we play without feeling too much pressure. The first few levels are relatively easy to pass, because you can easily find out that there are usually some large chunks of biscuits of the same color gathered together, so you don't need to learn or use too many skills when casting the cookies.

3. Finally, the overall art style of Cookie Cats Popis in a very cartoonishway, and its colors used in the game are also very rich, which can make us feel that this game is very interesting. And when we are playing, we can hear some main characters’ singing in the game, that is, kittens with lovely faces. They also have different names and features. They will help you to cheer yourself up. Therefore, the sound effect of the game is also very consistent with the theme of the game, so you would never get fed up with this game.


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