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Cat Paradise

Size : 55.57 Mb
Version : 2.6.0
Updated : March 10, 2022
Developer : seazusouth


Earn with Tynx (Fans 51200
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【Gamematch3's Review】

The game is a nurturing game with various and interesting game modes. Players need to take care of their kitty, feed it well, take it to tasks, play with it and participate in some activities. The game is updated every day with tasks that are simple and rewarding for players to complete. Also players can interact with others on the game, players can leave messages to each other and help each other. The game is not too difficult and is especially suitable for younger children. The game not only helps them to develop their patience and hands-on skills, but also teaches them the importance of caring for small animals and builds a deep friendship between children and animals.

The game painting style design is very cute, very much like the scene in the cartoon. The design of the objects uses some simple lines, the picture is not complicated, and the style is simple and exquisite. The kitten has big round eyes, and the various houses and trees are small and nice. This is a very beautiful seaside scene, with sandy beaches, coconut trees and shells, players will get a general experience of vacation in the game. The overall atmosphere is easy and relaxed, helping players to relax to the maximum extent in their leisure time, is a good game to reduce stress.

The game will provide players with a lot of props and gifts to help players upgrade faster, in addition to that, the game is ad-free, will not pop up in the process of the game some unrelated ads, a good guarantee of the player's gaming experience. Players who need extra props can do more tasks to accumulate gradually gold coins. The game is easy to operate, even for players who usually have little contact with the game can quickly adapt to its rhythm.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1.Cat Paradiseis very simple to play. All you need to do is slide your finger on the screen and match the same kittens in the puzzle. The first few levels are relatively easy to pass, because the game gives you a limited variety of kittens, so you can match faster and more effectively in this puzzle. And this game provides some tutorials as well.when we start playing the game, a kitten will appear in the picture, and then it will give you some tips and tell you what you need to do. In this way you can get familiar with the game you are playing more quickly.

2.This game is designed to make the players feel very comfortable when playing. Because first of all, its menu can show the rewards you have got and the goal scores you have to achieve. These settings are basically at the top of the screen. And they are really organized. So players can check it any time when playing instead of being disturbed by many settings. And the whole graphics of the game and its animation design are very exquisite. You won't feel a lot of delay, and then the control of the game is also very smooth as well. What makes players have a more immersive game experience is the wonderful audios, which is really catchy.

3.The rewards that the game supplies to players are also very rich. First, we can merge the same kittens, and then get a certain amount of gold coins. When we reach a certain amount of gold coins, we can unlock the next level. Then at the next level, we will also find that we can collect more kinds of kittens. They have different designs, but they are all very cute, which can release a lot of pressure when we play.


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