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Bee Brilliant Blast

Size : 89.13 Mb
Version : 1.37.3
Updated : December 15, 2021
Developer : Tactile Games
Size : 338.25 Mb
Version : 1.37.3
Updated : December 16, 2021
Developer : Tactile Games


Bee Brilliant (By Tactile Games) iOS/Android Gameplay Video
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Bee Brilliant Blast Gameplay (by match3news.com)
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【Gamematch3's Review】

Overall, Bee Brilliant Blast is a very casual match 3 adventure game. It doesn’t require a lot of energy or time, and it’s a great way to kill time.

First of all, the gameplay of Bee Brilliant Blast is relaxing. The game uses a vertical version of the interface, so it is very easy to operate. With tapping to clear the colorful bees and unleash powerful combos, I need to clear enough blocks of the specified color within the limit number of elimination times for each level to pass the level. If I clear 5 blocks of the same color at a time, I’ll generate explosive items to help me complete the challenge. In short, the game itself is not difficult, and as a puzzle game it is very addictive.

Then, there are loads of different game modes, such as pop the cheeky spiders’ web, collect flower tiles and save the babees. I can choose the corresponding mode according to my ability. From this point of view, the setting of the game is quite flexible. Additionally, the whole game is very friendly to novice players and can be quickly used to experience the operation. Of course, it’s true that the higher the level, the harder the game is. Therefore, it is necessary for players (including me) to constantly improve their abilities in order to truly enjoy the charm of the game.

Btw, Bee Brilliant Blast is a fabulous cartoonish match-3 game I’ve played, here I can unlock bees with different skins for adventures. Welcome to join me and have fun together.


How to play

【Gamematch3's Recommend】

1. The game rules are not complicated, the operation is very simple, even if the gameris a novice or is usually less exposed to the game itcan quickly enter the role and adapt to the pace of the game. After entering the game, players will see a whole green screen. The left side of the screen is marked with the goal that the player needs to achieve in this game, while the right side is composed of some colorful honey-like balls, the main operation interface of the game. Players need to look carefully and identify them, and then click on at least two colored balls of the same color and adjacent to each other to eliminate them. Every time the player eliminates a ball, the system will automatically replenish new colored balls, thus adding more randomness and fun to the game. The game itself is not too difficult, players need to take the big picture into consideration and plan as much as possible to eliminate as many balls as possible each time, because the more balls you eliminate each time, the higher the score you will accumulate. The goal of each game is to eliminate the balls of a specific color, as long as the number of balls is enough, the player can successfully pass the game.

2. The game has a very characteristic use of color, making the whole game screen looks more beautiful. The background of the game is mainly emerald green, and then these honey-like balls are also in bright colors, such as red, pink and yellow, etc. These bright colors combined together not only make the game brighter, but also make the picture look more vibrant.

3. The game design style is simple, no extra elements, will not let the player feel dazzling, conducive to the player to focus on the game.


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