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Ball Run 2048

Size : 98.57 Mb
Version : 0.4.3
Updated : October 7, 2022
Developer : KAYAC
Size : 118.35 Mb
Version : 0.4.1
Updated : July 25, 2022
Developer : KAYAC


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The advantage of the game lies in its unique gameplay, which is quite simple and full of fun. Players need to control the ball to hit the ball with the same number as themselves in the level to strengthen their own strength. At the same time, they also need to knock away various other spheres that hinder their progress to ensure the safety of their own way forward. Not only that, players need to constantly strengthen their own strength, so that the volume of the ball keeps increasing, in order to pass through the traps set for the small ball in the level.

The second point is thatthe game graphics is very concise. There is no decoration on the level except for the white track, and the color of the sphere is also set strictly according to the corresponding number, from white 2 to orange 4, to green 8, until 256, even 512, each number is With its fixed corresponding color and sphere size, players need to collect the largest number in the level in order to become a larger sphere and to pass through various obstacles and traps.

Overall, this game can be seen as a combination of puzzle gameplay and action gameplay. Players not only need to avoid obstacles in various levels, but also use the synthesis rules of 2048 to grow themselves. Compared with the current popular parkour games, the development part in the level is more difficult. It is indeed a new challenge for novice players.


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Keep rolling the ball to evade all the barriers and multiply the number as high as possible until reaching the final point!

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Ball Run 2048 is a fun and addictive ball game in which players will control the movement of a ball rolling through a course full of barriers and balls in different colors with different numbers in them. Your goal is to make the ball as big as possible by combing it with big number of balls before you reach the end. See how high you can go. The gameplay control is rather easy for players to pick up. Simply use your fingers to control the ball by swiping on the screen and merging the ball with other balls in the same number as well as color. By combing two balls, they will become an even bigger ball with higher numbers and different colors. For instance, if you start a ball from the number 2, it can be merged with another ball with the number 2 to become a larger ball with the number 4, and you need to keep this process until it could grow up to the maximum of number 2048. Sounds easy right? Yet, though seeming like pretty easy to master, due to its scattered barriers, players can hardly reach the goal at 2048 because every time your ball crash onto a barrier, the number will get decreased. Try your best to control the ball so that it won’t fall off the course and evade obstacles to prevent the number from decreasing. Keep rolling it forward and hit a number as high as possible. See if you could hit a rainbow-colored ball with the number 2048 at the end or not. It only takes for to you swipe with your fingers to move the ball, and the number will increase when you hit the ball with another ball with the same number. Note that if you accidentally drop your ball off the track, you have to start the round all over again. Avoid the obstacles of thorns to grow the number. Once you reach the final point, you will be rewarded with bonuses. The bigger the number, the better the reward will be. So stay tuned.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

As a classic course racing game, the game asks players to control a ball instead of a character and add the multiplying of numbers as new features to the game. The game is both educational and entertaining, not only teaching young players about math but also entertaining players to relax. The game is rather fast-paced and players can enjoy a round for several minutes, making it a perfect choice to enjoy the game during their breaks and leisure time. However, the displaying of ads has interfered with the smooth gameplay of players because they seem to appear in the wrong place and players are unable to turn them off quickly. Despite that, Ball Run 2048 is worth the player's attention.


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