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Subway Surfers

Size : 196.08 Mb
Version : 3.2.0
Updated : October 6, 2022
Developer : Sybo
Size : 232.80 Mb
Version : 3.2.0
Updated : October 10, 2022
Developer : Sybo


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Subway Surfers is a 3D parkour game, the operation of the gameis similar with the traditional 3D parkourgame. In the game there are a variety of obstacles, such as oncoming trains, tracks next to the block, etc.. The picture 3D effect is excellent, colorful, andexciting. It hasthe task system so that the game will not be monotonous, a variety of props and characters are also refreshing, although there is an internal purchase system, but do not buy completely then you can play very well, sogenuine users is also very worth trying.

At the same time, the game's painting style is lovely and exquisite, and the game uses a 3D perspective, so that it is abetter experiencein the visual for the player, and the game's scene is not static, every time you enter will appear different scenes, which has a sense of freshness.

But in subway parkour when you get jumping shoes orspring shoes, your character will greatly increase the bouncing power, you can jump higher and farther, but its disadvantage is that the landing point is more difficult to control. It is very important to use it well.So if you are interested in parkour, you can come and enjoy it!


How to play

【One Sentence Introduction】

Help characters escape from the inspector while surfing on the railroad using hoverboards.

【Gamematch3’s Recommend】

Subway Surfer is a dodging game in which you need to evade the incoming trains as well as escape from the inspectors after you on the rail track. Dash as fast as you can while dodging trains could be extremely challenging, so stay focused and react quickly. Different from other games belonging to a similar category, characters will surf on a hoverboard rather than simply racing on their feet. So, the skill to control the hoverboard is also of paramount importance. The smooth experience yielded by the acrobatics and mechanics of the game will provide you with endless adrenaline and excitement. The good-looking graphics are also pleasing to one’s eyes. You can’t deny how exciting it will be to be chased after and the moment the speedy training is coming for you. You can choose from three different characters, they are, Jake, Tricky, and Fresh, at the beginning of the game and start to swipe through the screen to control the actions of your characters. Meet the challenges and paint a powered jetpack. Featuring colorful and vivid graphics with high definition, you will enjoy the excellent and amazing visual effects of the game. The game has easy controls and it only takes one hand to operate, so the game is suitable for everyone. With tons of gold scattered around the train station, try your best to reap as much gold as you can while surfing. Players can control the characters to sprint or surf along the track, and you should pay attention to the incoming trains. With an international community supporting you behind, you can play the game happily and seek for companion or help when you are in need. The game can not only be enjoyed by installing it on your mobile devices but also can be enjoyed online with your browsers. As Halloween approaches, the Subway Surfers has started a world tour in Mexico. And a new surfer called Fantasma is added into the game to rumble. New boosters like the hourglasses are available for players to collect in order to extend the running. The game contains both ads and in-app purchases.

【Gamematch3’s Review】

Subway Surfers is a phenomenal dodging game that can entertain you for hours without making you feel bored. Featuring easy mechanics, the game is quite user-friendly and anyone and become a master within hours. The game keeps updated on a regular basis, which is pretty considerate from the perspective of consumers. Therefore, the game is overall an extremely enjoyable game. Yet, when watching ads, the game might crash all of a sudden, which might strongly annoy players in the mid of their gameplay because they lose all the previous progress. Despite this drawback, the game features useful power-ups and intriguing challenges, and it deserves a try for players. The game is recommended for players aged at or above 10 years old.


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